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Author: Selver Marić

A More Human Way to Track Patient Outcomes

When I was on college, we filled out a survey at the end of each month. The purpose was to improve the overall quality of the learning experience. We were presented with over 20 questions to rate our professor’s approach and how it influenced our learning capability. Man, we hated it. Everybody had a lot to say, but not in this highly irritating way. We dreamed about the opportunity to explain our main problems and things that would make us feel better. Instead, we were forced to spend our time and energy on grading every single aspect of our...

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How to cure the worm of uncertainty in a patient’s brain.

When a patient visits a doctor’s office his brain is unpredictable, he will misinterpret or completely misunderstand at least 30 percent of what the doctor said. Yeah, I mean every patient. You can try using the teach back method or ask “is everything clear to you?”. But still, the patient will leave your office with some gaps in understanding. It is inevitable. When the patient comes home and the pressure falls off then questions start to plague his mind. Not just the questions he forgets to ask, but also questions his family members and friends are asking him. Suddenly...

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