We are young, non-healthcare professionals who don’t care about the traditional government initiatives. We certainly do not represent the common personas in healthcare.

My brother Dino is a state-of-the-art developer, I am Selver a digital marketing specialist. The reason we do this is simple – our personal conflict with healthcare today.

This conflict is the result of events that took place over the last seven years:

  1. First, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of CNS, and eventually won that battle.
  2. Then, I spent a whole year learning to use my legs again, so I could get out of the wheelchair my illness confined me to.
  3. Next, my brother and I started working in a company that builds solutions for clinical labs.
  4. My health took another turn, and my brother and I traveled across Europe to find an appropriate treatment for calcaneal osteomyelitis.
  5. Dino got married to a medical student, who today is an M.D.
  6.  And last, my wife nearly died following the birth of our twins.

In these seven years, we saw every negative aspect of the healthcare system. It’s too big, too sloppy, and wrongly directed. In two words – TOO ENTERPRISEY.

It isn’t designed to care about doctors and patients; it’s more like a trap to make patients come again and make doctors feel guilty for everything wrong.

On the other side, we had some positive experiences, and they are always connected to people; individuals or teams who manage to do great things in this awful environment.

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